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    Thursday, November 17, 2005

    Speech Analysis using LPC

    Writting a speech analysis tool is not difficult if you choose a good software you are familiar to. Some useful software could be found at the sidebar of this blog. I have written some tools for speech signal analysis using MATLAB for the sake of speech signal studies. It could be found at the matlabcentral:


    This GUI is designed to extract and visualize the spectrum of FFT and LPC of a specific frame, or a window. Following figure shows the LPC spectrum of a frame with 256 samples. The indicator on the upper subplot shows the location of the specific frame.


    Blogger weei said...

    hi, can u please give me some idea on how to start my speech recognition using matlab 6.5.1, i want to differentiate between male and female voices, but i don't know what algorithm to use and how to write in C, email me please lavenLime@hotmail.com

    6:23 PM  
    Blogger ajcl said...

    a simple way is to find the formants of the samples (but not so accuarate) and classified them.
    you could find a post related to "formants" in this blogs. try to look into previous post.


    6:59 AM  
    Blogger Nisha Mohan said...

    hi!! I am new to signal processing and due to a small teacher problem,I was awarded a project to design an LPC based speech signal processing system.could you please give me some information on how to get started,what features to include and how I can use the GUI you have provided on matlab central?? I am new to Matlab too and have a matlab 6.5.1 version too... I can use every bit of help here as you can see.. :)

    4:00 AM  
    Blogger tcl said...

    dear Nisha Mohan,
    i assume you are not familiar with matlab:
    1. you require matlab and signal processing toolbox for the lpc function, beside that, there are numbers of functions in SP toolbox in which you can apply in your project.
    2. the gui i wrote is in matlab 7, and i afraid you might face some error if you try to run it on 6.5.1.
    3. the best way of finding what you can do with the matlab is throught their documentation. the online documentation is a complete version and you will be amazed seeing them.


    11:33 PM  
    Blogger cks said...

    hi, can u please give me some idea on how to start my speech analysis using matlab 7.3 R2006b. i want to create a anti phase to cancel the predicted unwanted speech..Do u have any algorithm about it ? It is the active noise control method. Do email me as soon as possible kiansze@yahoo.com. Thanks..

    1:18 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    12:13 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    hi, i am new to MATLAB and am about to start a project based on Speech Synthesis using LPC. I believe its about putting in an audio sample and recreating it using LPC isnt it? I dloaded the zip file onto my computer but donno how to link to my MATLAB v 7.1. Please help me out...it will be most helpful

    12:17 PM  
    Blogger prashant said...

    guys m making a final yr project project on voice recognition security system using matlab 7..can anyone guide me tat how to go about it as m new to matlab...n what algorithms to use...thanx..

    1:08 PM  
    Blogger Cora said...

    Thank you for your share.I am new to signal processing ,and could you tell me how to learn this project.Email me please

    8:36 AM  
    Blogger Fatchul A said...

    Thank you. I have downloaded simplelpcgui. Can you tell me how to start simplelpcgui in Matlab?

    UNY, fatchul@uny.ac.id

    7:42 PM  
    Blogger dhaval said...

    hi I am new to matlab can anyone plz suggest me how to start speech analysis by lpc using matlab 7........

    5:20 AM  
    Blogger Purva said...

    I am working on a project 'isolated digit recognition using LPC'. the feature extraction and comparison is done but not producing correct results. Can you tell me if digit recognition is possible with LPC. im using matlab..

    6:47 AM  
    Blogger saathiswaran said...

    Saathis said...

    Hi, im saathis from Malaysia. Currently im doing final year project. It based on speech door access system. I have done in vb6 but not success because do knw how to program the parallel port according to circuit. Now i plan to my project in matlab. My design should user have to verified their password from database before access door. How to do this. Please help me.....

    10:46 PM  
    Blogger LUNA'S LIGHT said...

    hi, im ratri,, can you give me a sample for input and output from your program?
    hope you can help me,,


    2:22 AM  
    Blogger Asis Bapi said...

    Thank you for your share.the best way of finding what you can do with the matlab is throught their documentation. the online documentation is a complete version and you will be amazed seeing them.

    11:15 AM  

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